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What value does your Real Estate Agent provide? The services that your Agent provides are invaluable to you as a Seller for a successful transaction. Take a look at this article to learn what The Plyler Team at Lusso Realty offers as our standard, included services for listing clients - at NO additional cost.

Professional Photography

The Plyler Team at Lusso Realty ONLY hires professional real estate photographers to bring our listings to life. More people are home shopping online these days than ever, so how your property is presented in pictures is extremely important. Photos of your property are your first impression - you may not get a second chance to "wow" potential buyers. Don't settle for smart phone photos done on the fly - Professional Photography is the industry standard. 

Property Highlights Video

In addition professional photography, we feature a "Property Highlights Video" that is also done with professional videographers using drones and other specialized equipment. Take a look at an example of a Property Tour Video here.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

We provide an interactive Matterport 3D Virtual Tour of the interior of a home for our residential listings. You can see an example of this here.





Professional Staging & Consultation

Staging matters! An empty house can make it difficult for buyers to visualize them and their things in the home. Appropriately staging a property involves furniture and decor placements to assist prospective buyers in seeing themselves in the home. Even if you are still living in the property while it is listed, our Professional Stager can consult with you to give tips and suggestions and even supplement your decor and belongings with items to enhance your property.














Floorplans and Measurements

We always have each of our listings profesionally measured with detailed floorplans generated which we attach to your listing as a pdf document as well as a listing photo. Accurately representing the size of the property is important and this service helps to protect you from misrepresenting the size of your house.















FREE Moving Truck

All of our clients enjoy the use of our complimentary moving truck for local moves. Additionally, if you're a past client and need a truck to move "big stuff", just give us a shout and reserve it. We know that moving is stressful and expensive, so we want to alleviate some of the stress while saving you some money! Use our truck - it's free! All we ask is you fill up the tank when you return it. The truck has a loading ramp, appliance dolly and moving blankets included! 















Professional Marketing

The Plyler Team at Lusso Realty employs a professional marketing staff and utilizes mulitple social media profiles, websites and other resources to creatively get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. We also provide an in-home marketing display that has all the information a buyer may need to make an offer on your property.

Non-Standard Business Hours

We are here to serve. We answer the phone and return messages - even when outside of "normal" business hours and on weekends. We know that your transaction is important and some things may be time sensitive - we have you covered!

Transaction Management

The Plyler Team at Lusso Realty employs a full time Transaction Coordinator, in addition to your agent, to provide top notch service and make sure all the bases are covered with excellent communication. Real Estate transactions involve a lot of different people (Attorneys, lenders, agents on the other side, inspectors, etc) and there are a lot of moving parts. Your Agent combined with your Transaction Coordinator keeps everything moving forward and on track!



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